Easy to assess candidates' typing ability for client-facing roles.
AI Graded Typing assessment
Hire applicants whom you can trust to best represent your brand.
Use our Artificial Intelligence engine to map typing patterns and detect accurate typing speeds. Talocity typing AI analyses typing speeds of the individuals as it automatically adjusts the difficulty levels prediciting the typing behaviour of the individual.
Fair & Unbiased
De-bias your hiring process.
To be human, is to be biased. Even when we have the best intentions, unconscious biases are something we all share. At the same time, there is no reasons why we should let them run rampant through our hiring processes. Talocity brings in new ways to create a more accurate, objective recruitment process that is less prone to bias. It not only helps people to check their unconscious biases, but also helps to uncover blind spots and prevent decisions made on ‘gut feeling’. This creates an equal experience for every candidate, and ensures more consistent results to evaluate with more accuracy and less bias.
Real Time Results
Higly infographical view into assessment results.
Candidates can take the assessment over PCs – truly anywhere, anytime. Talocity's AI throws out analytics in realtime and the results are generated in a highly readable, infographical format for the organisation to review and base their descision making on. These reports also contain scores derived from proctoring helping recruiters gauge performance of candidates, individuals, and teams with customizable MIS reports.
Cheat-Proof Your Assessments
Bring the power of AI to work to ensure authenticity of the assessment.
Authenticate your online assessments and avoid fraudulent activities in a snap with automated remote cognitive proctoring. Talocity's online assessment platform flags suspicious activities and immediately warns and blocks candidates, so that the integrity of your test scores can be ensured.