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Cognitive Intelligence
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Talocity uses assessment methodologies like Big-5 Factor Model a.k.a. OCEAN Principles developed by the global pyscho-linguistic community based on decades worth of research. These are widely considered the gold-standard of research, and measure established building blocks of cognitive and emotional functioning.

We capture these traits by measuring behavior on pycho-linguistics and pycho-graphics, rather than asking people to answer MCQ questions. Measuring traits through behavior allows us to profile people much more accurately and in high-dimensional space.

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Eyeball Analysis
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Speech Analysis
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Choice Of Words
Sentiment Analysis

Data made smarter with Sentiment Analysis
Combining machine learning and artificial intelligence, we understand the tonality of conversations (positive, negative or neutral), emotions and sentiments displayed by the individual through facial and tonal analysis. We can analyze any unstructured or structured data through any communication channel.

The engine uses linguistic analysis and facial analysis to detect emotional and language tones such as joy, fear, sadness, anger, analytical, confident and tentative tones.
Speech Analysis
Smartest way to test spoken skills.
Talocity provides an automated language assessment tool that offers the quickest and most efficient means to measure English language proficiency, assessing the skills needed to communicate effectively.

Our AI-powered online English language assessment accurately evaluates and scores the voice and tone of the individual and supports multiple native accents of the English language for different demographies.
Our products
One Way Video Interviews
Assess candidates personality, proficiency, motivation and expertise in a single interview without meeting them.

Our psycholinguistic and psycho-graphics algorithms along with NLP and ML does the work, while you focus on candidate WOW.
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Voice Assessment
Evaluate candidate's pronounciation, fluency, active listening, listening comprehension, vocabulary and grammar instantaneously.

Our system provides support of multiple native accents and uses machine learning to evaluate voice skills.
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Assessment Platform
Forget paper based assessments and no longer depend on ready-made solutions that don't fit your exact needs.

Tailor your own assessments using our intuitive and configurable multi-section assessment platform and start screening talent within minutes.
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Typing Assessment
Analyse typing speeds of the individuals as the machine automatically adjusts the difficulty levels providing you with Real Time Analytics Reports.

Use our Artificial Intelligence engine to map typing patterns and detect accurate typing speeds.
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Create and manage recruiting and hiring process alog with job applications. Paying for ats stage / workflow customization is so Passé.

Now sift candidates, schedule interviews, issue notification alerts at never before speeds.
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All Seeing Eye
Detect fraudulent individual assessment activity with certainity, while providing the candidate with a 100% seamless and unobtrusive experience.

Our system is completely automated and is always monitoring suspicious activity using advanced video and audio analytics
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