Interview with BW Businessworld, Ketan Dewan, CEO, Talocity talks about Aritificial IntelIigence (AI) and more

amit.singh@talocity.ai Nov. 12, 2021, 8:01 a.m.

‘To Marry or to Keep it Casual’ is a Constant Dilemma Even Today for Many Organisations When it Comes to AI – Ketan Dewan, CEO and Cofounder, Talocity

Read out more on-http://bwdisrupt.businessworld.in/article/-To-Marry-or-to-Keep-it-Casual-is-a-Constant-Dilemma-Even-Today-for-Many-Organisations-When-it-Comes-to-AI-Ketan-Dewan-CEO-and-Cofounder-Talocity/25-10-2019-178172/


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