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Bots making hiring touchless: Rewarding both job seekers & recruiters

amit.singh@talocity.ai May 10, 2021, 5:57 a.m.

Advanced use of digital technology is pervasive across all realms of life. There is hardly any area of life or business operations that has remained untouched in the modern age of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics. In fact, if someone from the 1980s were to time-travel into 2019, chances are they would feel as if they have entered the visuals of a sci-fi film.

The technological adoption has been so widespread that at times you could end up feeling left out of the modernization process. In recruitment, Robots or BOTs as they are called, are rapidly taking over routine tasks such as resume screening, scheduling, conducting interviews etc. 

As a recruiter, you might think, “Am I dim with technology or have I missed the technology bus?” 

Truth be told, it is neither. First of all, we must do away with.. Read more on - https://www.peoplematters.in/article/recruitment/bots-making-hiring-touchless-rewarding-both-job-seekers-recruiters-22733

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