Ensure the authenticity of your candidate’s identity and assessment.
Advanced Automated Cognitive Proctoring
AI takes care of assessment proctoring.
Talocity's proctoring system is fully automated, and uses sophisticated video and audio processing to constantly track suspicious behavior of the candidate. Our system ensures that the applicant is centered on the assessment screen, detects in-room light, tests for unusual items, background voice activity and looks at the browser window to detect changes. Each of these activities and many more will flag out a response to the system!
Facial Signature to Avoid Impersonation
Candidate scores are authenticated through 100% automated cognitive proctoring.
Talocity provides an advanced facial recognition features to authenticate that your candidate is the actual person taking your exam or assessment. We provide a confidence score to help ensure a match, along with identity verification at each interview stage to ensure that the same individual is taking the assessment. Our intertwined complex alogrithms helps you avoid fraudulent activity by quickly restricting assessment access.
Candidate Digital KYC
Authenticate your candidates digitally, with their government issued identity proofs.
Digital KYC involves capturing the live photo of the candidate and officially valid documents or proof of possession of Aadhaar, along with latitude and longitude of the location where such live photo is being taken. Our Video KYC app enables users to submit their KYC information through a video enabled real-time using AI-based Digital KYC. Our system supports verification of all types of KYC documents- PAN, Aadhaar, Driver's License, Voter ID, etc...
Cheat-Proof Your Assessments
Bring the power of AI to work to ensure authenticity of the assessment.
Authenticate your online assessments and avoid fraudulent activities in a snap with automated remote cognitive proctoring. Talocity's online assessment platform flags suspicious activities and immediately warns and blocks candidates, so that the integrity of your test scores can be ensured.
Real Time Results
Higly infographical view into assessment results.
Candidates can take the assessment over PCs – truly anywhere, anytime. Talocity's AI throws out analytics in realtime and the results are generated in a highly readable, infographical format for the organisation to review and base their descision making on. These reports also contain scores derived from proctoring helping recruiters gauge performance of candidates, individuals, and teams with customizable MIS reports.