Experience flexibility and speed of hiring through videos.
Go beyond the resume and let candidates tell their story. Hire on potential.
By collecting tens of thousands of data-points on the candidate during a single video interview evaluation, Talocity's One-Way Video interviewing AI augments your Hiring teams’ decision making with apt insights into each candidate’s job-related competencies. Having a comprehensive view into each candidate's profile allows you to allocate your time and assets on the candidates with the most elevated potential so you'll be able make hiring faster and better.
AI-Powered Video Interviewing Helps You Find the Right Fit
Make your first round of screening 80% faster with one-way video interviews.
Talocity's One-Way Video Interviews lets you assess candidates’ soft skills, motivation, proficiency, and expertise in a singular assessment. Using Talocity's Personality analytics based on Big5 Factor (OCEAN) Theory, you can leverage Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning (ML) to gauge emotions, analyze tone, psycholinguistics and psychographics. The AI builds a comprehensive report that maps the job competency to the candidate, providing you a view into culture fitment and role fitment way in advance.
Fair & Unbiased
De-bias your hiring process.
To be human, is to be biased. Even when we have the best intentions, unconscious biases are something we all share. At the same time, there is no reasons why we should let them run rampant through our hiring processes. Talocity brings in new ways to create a more accurate, objective recruitment process that is less prone to bias. It not only helps people to check their unconscious biases, but also helps to uncover blind spots and prevent decisions made on ‘gut feeling’. This creates an equal experience for every candidate, and ensures more consistent results to evaluate with more accuracy and less bias.
Interview Candidates On The Go.
Flexibility to attend video interviews at your own convenience, anytime, anywhere.
Talocity's One-Way Video interview is convenient for both the hiring organization and the candidate. Simply set up an interview with your most important questions and send out invitations to candidates, they can respond on their own time while, you as a recruiter can view the video interview at your own convenience. This is beneficial for recruiting both passive candidates and candidates who are currently employed.
Get better outcomes with video interviews to ensure quality of your in-person interviews.
Make better hiring decisions with our video interview AI that shows you more about a candidate’s full potential beyond what’s on their resume. Asking all candidates the same questions in the same order with video interviewing software lets you evaluate candidates equally. Recruiters can screen videos and then pass them on to hiring managers — everyone reviews applicants on their own time. Talocity makes team evaluation a seamless effort from a shared recording.
Personalised Notification AI Bot
Turbo charge your outbound hiring and make better connect with candidates.
With Talocity's one-way video interviewing, you can do more than interview candidates. Talocity's AI notification BOT can reach out to candidates on your behalf elimating the need for your recruiter to make a call to guage the candidate's interest. You can add introductory and closing videos, as well as recorded video questions to provide virtual job previews, and introduce candidates to managers and the company. You reinforce your brand and connect with candidates to create a better candidate experience.
Hire in hours or days, not weeks or months.
Talocity's One-Way video interview platform lets candidates interview on their time by recording answers to job-relevant interview questions. Recruiters are freed from resume reviews, phone screens, and scheduling interviews. They’re also freed from administrative tasks, such as coordinating schedules and playing phone tag. The result is reduced time to fill and a lower likelihood of candidates dropping out of the process. Recruiters evaluate more candidates more consistently in less time.
Share Interview & Collaborate
Better collaboration & reduced follow-ups.
One-Way video interviews allows you to make the hiring process more collaborative. Instead of having one hiring manager in charge of screening all of the candidates, you can have your more members of your team to review the candidates, provide comments, and give assessments. After reviewing the candidates, your team can decide the top candidates to move to the next round. Talocity makes team evaluation a seamless effort from a shared recording. Organisations, need not call the candidates again for a "REVIEW" round. Organisations can now leverage their experts to provide opinions on HUNG candidatures without impacting the expert's time.
Cheat-Proof Your Assessments
Bring the power of AI to work to ensure authenticity of the assessment.
Authenticate your online assessments and avoid fraudulent activities in a snap with automated remote cognitive proctoring. Talocity's online assessment platform flags suspicious activities and immediately warns and blocks candidates, so that the integrity of your test scores can be ensured.