Effortless Recruiting With Seamless Automated Workflows.
Customise your interview workflow.
Paying for worflow customisations is passé.
Talocity's Workflow Management System makes its an under 5 minute DIY (Do It Yourself) job to create a custom workflow for a particular job, defining stages along with the interview process. The flows can be customised as per the organisation and even job specific exceptions can be catered to within the ATS. Sending an invitation to the candidate, tracking the candidature and follow up using scheduled reminders, sharing interviews with your panel for review, and more!
Begin evaluating quickly.
Modular Assessments allow your organization to rapidly deploy a talent selection solution. You can drag and drop the workflow steps to rearrange the interview steps that are specfic to your organisation and even specific to a particular job-role. By using a predetermined assessment model and scoring algorithm, Modular Assessments eliminate the need to invove the IT to get what you want delivered.
Bring in process automation.
Set thresholds for each stage and leave the rest to the machine.
Talocity's Workflow Management System takes inputs from the recruiter right at the begining where recruiter defines cutoffs and thresholds for a particular candidature to move forward in the interview process. Talocity's system ensures that while real-time result generation is happening, the candidate is moved from one stage to another seamlessly if the results of the current interview stage match that of the threshold provided. Also, the system informs the candidate about their next steps and congratulates on successfully the previous stage.
Real Time Results
Higly infographical view into assessment results.
Candidates can take the assessment over PCs – truly anywhere, anytime. Talocity's AI throws out analytics in realtime and the results are generated in a highly readable, infographical format for the organisation to review and base their descision making on. These reports also contain scores derived from proctoring helping recruiters gauge performance of candidates, individuals, and teams with customizable MIS reports.